Saddie & RA

Koinonia Campground

Sadie and RA reached out to me just a couple of months before their wedding at Camp Koinonia. They were a couple from Brooklyn that wanted a space that would be as fun as they were. He was an actor and she was a dancer and the two of them couldn’t have been more of a perfect pair.

Their wedding festivities began Friday when family and friends traveled near and far to join them in their weekend celebration. Camp Koinonia’s team orchestrated activities, provided comfortable accommodations, and catered the weekend’s meals. 

On Saturday Morning a beautiful transformation took place. The conference center became an elegant reception space. White linens dressed the tables. Napkins draped under each place setting. Candles glistened in the lanterns on the wooden centerpieces surrounded by flowers. Each table told a story about the couple. White tapestry and flowers rested on the walls, while the fireplace glistened with candles, and mason jars filled with flowers.

The outdoor Chapel of the Pines became nature’s perfect setting for a ceremony. Benches were dressed with runners. The aisle danced with hanging mason jars filled with flowers. Guests laughed and cried with the couple as they attested their love for one another.

Every wedding tells a story and KR Occasions fell in love with Sadie and RA’s story.

VENUE SHOUTOUT: I have had the privilege of working with many venue spaces and I have a lot of experience with weekend weddings. The Camp Koinonia staff was amazing. They were pleasant, happy, and willing and able to assist in any way that they could. I highly recommend considering this space if you are looking for a weekend wedding.