Who to Book When?


When to Hire a Wedding Planner (2-12months):

You can hire a wedding planner as much as a year in advance or as little as 2 months in advance. Just know your wedding planner will have the greatest amount of utility to you and can guide you through the planning process. I highly recommend you hire one whether it is for the full process or just the day. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


When to Book a Wedding Venue (9 months at least):

This should be done as soon as you pick your date. Most venues are booking up too, two years in advance. From here you can start picking your photographer, videographer, DJ etc.


When to Hire a Wedding Caterer (6-9 months at least):

This should be the very next thing you do after booking your venue. Every caterer has a limited number of events they can do on any given date. The sooner you book the more likely you are to get the caterer you really want.


When to Book a photographer (9-12 months at least):

Most top tier photographers are booking a year in advance so make sure that when you have your eye on a photographer, you establish connection and lock in your date with them right away.


When to Hire a disc jockey (9-12 months at least):

The top talent in this area tends to get booked fast. Some DJ’s are even sold out 6-8 months before their wedding date. So don’t wait to long.


When to Book a Wedding Videographer (9-12 months at least):

If a videographer is as important to you as your photographer you should definitely hire them early. However if you decide last minute that a videographer is something you must have you can lock most in 6 months before your wedding date.


When to Hire a Ceremony Officiant (6 months):

A really good officiant can make your ceremony magical.


When to Book a Wedding Florist (6-9 months at least):

Florists have some flexibility, because they can do multiple weddings in a day. So if you don’t book them a year in advance, it won’t be crucial.


When to Hire a Wedding Cake Baker (6 months):

Most bakers do multiple wedding cakes on any given day, so there is more wiggle room. Also it gives you more time to find the perfect baker and lots of time to try free samples!


When to Book Wedding Transportation (2 months):

Most of the time a company can accommodate multiple wedding in a day. However if you are getting married in the Peak wedding season: May, June, July, August, Sept, October, I would inquire more then 2 months in advance.