How to Pick Your Signature Wedding Cocktail

When it's time for your toast, you want to make sure your signature cocktail is what's in there hands. You want to make sure that cocktail is unique to the two of you. So how you decide what your signature cocktail is? Easy just keep these things in mind:

Use your wedding colors in your cocktail. Whether it be the cocktails actual color, a pop of fruit, or a colored napkin.  

Add a seasonal touch. Pick something that flows with the season like Pumpkin Punch in the Fall, an Irish Bailey in the Winter,  a Springy Sangria for the Spring, or a Hard Lemonade in the Summer. It'll go right in with your overall wedding theme.

Add your personal spin on a classic. You can never go wrong with a classic drink with just one or two ingredients that spice it up.

Create a fun name. It's not your signature cocktail without your signature touch. Pick something that incorporates the drink name, your wedding #hashtag, a spin off on your names, play with wedding words "Ale you Need is Love," or play with destinations that have meaning like the Hoboken Breeze!  

Go with his and her drinks none said it had to be just one signature wedding cocktail.

Tell a story. There's nothing like a signature cocktail that has a story behind it. It could be the first drink you had on your first date or your favorite go to cocktail.