Weddings Don't Have To Be Expensive...

So many times we hear about couples spending home or car down payments on their wedding. However not all couples have to do it this way. There are plenty of ways you can save on your wedding starting off with:

  1. Long engagements have there advantage as long as you book your vendors in advance, before their price increases.
  2. Getting married on a Friday or a Sunday or even during the "off season" can save you a few thousand dollars.
  3. Design your own invites and have them printed at Staples or print them yourselves.
  4. Design a seating chart poster instead of individual escort cards!
  5. Skip the menu cards.
  6. You don't have to hire a florist, if you are crafty enough you can be your florist.
  7. Create your own photo booth. Just order some props and use an instant camera!
  8. Compare the cost of buying your linens to renting them (sometimes it's cheaper to buy).
  9. There are disposable plates that look just as elegant as a real plates that could save you a few hundred dollars in rental costs.
  10. You can still have an elegant dinner, but having it "buffet" style or "station style" can save you quite a few $ per guest.
  11. Food trucks are super unique, while still giving you plenty of variety, and it can also save you a lot per guest.
  12. No one has to know you faked your wedding cake. Your Baker can make the top layer real for you to cut into and you could have a sheet cake in the back to later be served to your guests.
  13. Who says you even have to have a wedding cake. Cupcake Cakes are just as delicious!
  14. Shutting your bar down an hour before the reception ends can save a few $ per person.
  15. Hire KR Occasions we've worked with budgets of all sizes and know how to negotiate those contacts for you!